New NIE Number Website Launched

3rd of November 2014

logo-nie-number-180We are happy to announce that a new and improved version of our website is now live. It has been designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our service.

Being the longest established NIE Number procurement service in Spain, we realised that our website dating several years back was no longer offering the best user experience to our NIE Number clients. Therefore, we have completely rewritten it from scratch!

The main improvements are:

  • The layout is now fully responsive, meaning you will be able to use it from within mobile...

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NIE Number Procurement Service Back to Normal

16th of April 2012

We have received today news that the local police stations are gain accepting power of attorneys for the submission of NIE applications on behalf of third parties, and therefore we are able to continue providing the NIE procurement service to our customers. A few months ago we had to cease providing our service when all police stations around Spain stopped accepting power of attorneys for the application of NIE numbers. Fortunately the authorities have now changed their minds, after the numerous complaints lodged by affected parties denouncing how this measure that was hurting the local...

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New Restrictions on NIE Numbers Put Off Investors

27th of January 2012

A row between the Secretariat of Labour and Immigration and the Central Police Station is threatening to discourage hundreds of potential property buyers from taking the plunge. The former has ruled, against the opinion of the latter, that the obligatory NIE numbers can no longer be applied by representatives with a power of attorney and so personal attendance is mandatory (as from the 3rd Jan 2012). Although the reason behind the disagreement appears to be how both Government offices interpret a particular norm, the consequences can be devastating given that NIE numbers are now required...

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Power of Attorneys Accepted in NIE Number Applications

8th of August 2011

As we informed in a previous post, a regulation recently issued in reference to NIE Number application procedure, had as a result that almost all police stations throughout Spain ceased accepting power of attorneys granted to lawyers or 'gestors' for the purpose of applying for NIE certificates on behalf of their clients, forcing applicants to apply in person.

Following several complaints made by lawyers, including some from within our office, the Málaga Law Bar of Association approached the Málaga Provincial Police Office and the Foreigners/ Immigration Office director to request the...

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