NIE Number Procurement Service Back to Normal

16th of April 2012

We have received today news that the local police stations are gain accepting power of attorneys for the submission of NIE applications on behalf of third parties, and therefore we are able to continue providing the NIE procurement service to our customers. A few months ago we had to cease providing our service when all police stations around Spain stopped accepting power of attorneys for the application of NIE numbers. Fortunately the authorities have now changed their minds, after the numerous complaints lodged by affected parties denouncing how this measure that was hurting the local economy. We would like to thank our clients and partners for the support shown during these months!   The NIE Number Team  

New Regulations on NIE Number Applications in Force on July 1, 2011

1st of July 2011

A new regulation has been issued in the National Bulletin of State in Spain (BOE), establishing that as from the 1st of July of the current year, NIE applications will be filed personally by the applicant at the corresponding police station and in the event the applicant is out of Spain, the application will be submitted at the closest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

However, it does not make any mention as to whether a power of attorney will or not be valid as a means of obtaining the NIE number. This is causing general confusion, even amongst certain police stations which have chosen to continue offering the service until they receive further notice from their head office.

The regulation can be found in article 206 of the Royal Decree 557/2011.

We confirm that the said law has not been applied at today’s date in this particular area and as a result, we have decided to continue offering this service. In the event that this regulation was finally implemented, we would refund the NIE number fees and the shipping costs engaged to deliver your NIE number. Unfortunately we cannot refund any other costs which are not directly related to our service, such as Notary fees or shipping costs of the documents. Please consider whether this option is in your interest.

If you are in no rush and decide to wait, please feel free to contact us on the following days for an update.

New NIE Number Application Fees for 2010

2nd of February 2010

After a slight rise in the police station fees for arranging a NIE Number starting in January, 1st 2010, a month later the Ministerio del Interior have decided to lower them also slightly. The NIE Number application fee is now of €16.00, and if you need to renew it (in the event of e.g. a lost nie number), it is €6.82. The new figures for all the services are the following:  

Service Fee
Stay Extension €16.32
Studies €10.20
Initial Residence €15.00
Renewal of Residence €18.00
Permanet Residence €20.40
Union Registry €10.00
Return Permit €10.00
NIE Number Application First Time €16.00
NIE Number Renewal €6.82
Invitation Letter €6.12
Legalisation of Additional Invitation Letters €1.02
Issuing of Invitation Letter €96.90
Certificates €6.82
Please note that the NIE Number Direct fees for arranging your NIE Number, are inclusive of this fee.